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Sorte courge en porcelaine


J. Crew Discovered: The Short Suit QA with Nick Wooster. 


Learnt to stop spending money on clothes or things that I don’t need. Instead I’m spending wisely on investments like travel and camera gear. Taking extra shifts, studying extra hard so that I can learn more and save up for a bunch of camera gear. Expect a landslide of videos and photos over the next few weeks/months. (at Bootsdarling)

❝ apologize to your body.
that’s where the healing begins. ❞
starting, nayyirah waheed 


sardines by DorteF on Flickr.

Pluie Sur Glacier by Jerome Decq

Hello Torie! Congrats on enlisting and good luck with training/the military! So I must ask: where did you get your baseball cap??? The one you're wearing when you posted on 05/16/14. I've been searching high and low for one so simple, clean, and pretty like yours with no luck.

I’m almost positive that I bought that hat at Walmart, on a whim, sometime last year. 

Here are a couple more options you can check out.

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